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Thailand - The World's 'Best Workation' Hotspot

World's 'best workation' hotspot has cheap stays and incredible golden beaches

Whether staying for a long time or simply extending your break but weaving a few days of remote work in around a holiday, there are plenty of places to go in Thailand that are perfect for a workation

A sun-drenched country is the best in the world for a 'workation', it has been claimed.

The coronavirus pandemic turned the world of work upside down, leaving up to 40% of employees in the UK to log-in remotely at least part of the time. That extra flexibility has led 46% of people to extend a holiday by weaving in a few work days around annual leave, according to SEO Travel.

If the idea of firing off a few emails from the hotel pool or beach during a bumper break appeals, then the place to do it is Thailand, according to the Thinking Traveller. They looked at TikTok views, Instagram posts and online search data to find the most popular countries in the world to log-on, with Thailand coming out on top. The country received 3,002,261 mentions in relation to the phenomenon.

It's not difficult to see the appeal; after all, Thailand boasts some incredible beaches, islands and landmarks to explore. Meanwhile a typical hearty dinner can be bought for £2 in most parts of the country and half a litre of beer goes for £1.50. Staying in a city centre apartment in most big cities costs about £350 per person a month.

Thailand has a generous scheme for people working remotely, although it can be a little complicated to work out if you need to apply for a visa and which kind, based on the type of job you're doing. The Thai Embassy has a thorough guide to help you figure it out.

It is possible to stay for a short period while working on a holiday visa. Alternatively, those looking for a long term solution can apply for the ten year, Long Term Residency Visa or the four year Smart Visa. However, for these you have to be making at least $80,000USD (£63,000) per year, a rule put in place by a government hoping to attract wealthier, highly-skilled professionals to the country.

Whether staying for a long time or simply extending your break but weaving a few days of remote work in around a holiday, there are plenty of places to go in Thailand that are perfect.

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is busy, exciting and full of the kind of amenities you might need to work remotely. It is a pretty modern city full of skyscrapers, big businesses, and fast internet, while also having plenty to see when you're not working, such as an old town of ancient landmarks, glittering temples, and bustling street markets.

Chiang Mai was one of the most popular cities in the world for digital nomads before the coronavirus pandemic forced the country to close its borders. The north Thailand city is full of temples, street markets, local entertainment, and delicious food that attract people from far and wide. So to do vast jungles and mountains that are full of waterfalls and canyons outside of the city.

The intrigue of the centre combined with the modern facilities that can be found there made it a hub for digital nomads which is slowly rebuilding after the shock of the pandemic.

Another lovely but less well-trod place to try is Ao Nang, a resort town on Thailand’s southern Andaman Coast. Geographically it is conveniently placed, while also being a fun, affordable destination that is less crowded than the bigger cities.

10 best workation hotspots

  1. Thailand

  2. Greece

  3. Mexico

  4. Italy

  5. Malta

  6. Bali

  7. Portugal

  8. Spain

  9. Japan

  10. Canada

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