Sailing Adventure Charters


The Mile Builder Cruise

SailBreeze offers the Mile Builder Adventure Cruise starting from half day or daily charters upwards.  This is based on your requirements on how many Nautical Miles you would like to cover.


The Mile Builder Cruise departs from our base at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.  As we cruise along, we help you take command of the vessel.  We also work together to plan the passage, select the destination, make provisions for the yacht, choose the anchorage and stand by your watch during the voyage.  Our professional Captain and his Team is simply there to help and support you on your Adventure Cruise.

Besides sailing in Amazing and Beautiful Thailand, this cruise is a great way to refresh your sailing skills and also a great chance for you to get back out on the water for a few days to enjoy some sailing, build miles and log your sea time.

For example, our 2 day/1 night Mile Builder Adventure Cruise To Koh Samet starts at 35,000 baht.  For Koh Chang cruise, it is 5 days/4 nights and cost 80,000 baht.  This can be extended according to your needs and requirements.  

Please note we do not charge per person.  We only charge for the yacht charter.  if you wish, you may bring an 5 additional friends to join you on this cruise.  The maximum is 6 including yourself.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us us for more information.

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