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Great Reasons to Visit Pattaya

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Pattaya lies on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, existing for decades as a quiet fishing village until its beauty was discovered by American servicemen in the 1960s.

Since then, the city has grown by leaps and bounds to include a thriving tourist industry, with a dining and nightlife scene that pulls out all the stops.

The local culture is rich and has deep roots, with Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist influences. It is also a modern, tolerant society where everyone is welcomed by legendary Thai hospitality.

You'll fall under the spell of the sheer beauty of the area, which you can experience at sunset along the beach every night, and in places like the lush Nong Nooch Garden. From the sparkling waters of the Gulf to the neon lights of the nightclub district, Pattaya is ready to show you the time of your life.

Reasons to Visit Pattaya

1. The Beach! Along with simply soaking up the sun in one of the many lounge chairs, you can get in the water to jet ski, parasail, or windsurf. If you're interested in learning more about the seaside environment, the Underwater World aquarium is a wonderful place to explore, especially if you're traveling with children.

2. Party Till You Drop By the bright lights of Walking Street, closed to traffic in the evenings, you'll find go-go bars, clubs, and much more. The downtown area of Pattaya is full of nightclubs and bars, many of them open 'round the clock; there's no excuse for not spending at least one sleepless night dancing until dawn.

3. Local Culture and History Pattaya is home to monuments like the graceful Sanctuary of Truth, constructed entirely of wood with no metal nails. Khao Phra Tamnak is a Buddhist site that houses a giant golden statue of the Buddha.

4. Shopping There are huge shopping malls, open air markets, sidewalk stalls, and a bazaar - in short, every opportunity to shop for whatever you crave, from budget-priced bargains to high-end goods. From the sprawling Royal Garden Plaza to the enchanting Pattaya Floating Market, consisting of boats on the water where you'll find bargains on clothes, jewelry, and handicrafts, there is something for everyone here.

5. The Food When it comes to the dining scene, you'll find many Chinese and other Asian restaurants along with Middle Eastern, Indian, and of course Thai food of every kind. The influx of tourists has attracted international chefs, and many restaurants that cater to Western and European tastes.

6. Exploring the Islands It doesn't get much better than a days sailing adventure through Thailand's best islands. Spend your time enjoying sublime seascapes, snorkelling through turquoise waters, relaxing on white beaches and discovery by boat. Feel good and enjoy the warmth, the sunshine, the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the country. Thailand is amazing and has the perfect climate to go sailing! Come learn to sail with us, or just charter a boat for a day.

With epic tropical beauty, ancient temples, amazing food scene and vibrant nightlife, Thailand truly has a chaotic charm to it that attracts people from across the globe. The country, also referred to as the Land of Smiles, never disappoints.

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