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Please do not fall for this Scam!

Updated: 4 days ago

It has been brought to our attention that SailQuest is giving the impression on Google that it is SailBreeze.

SailBreeze wishes to make the public and our customers aware that we have no association with this company called “SailQuest” owned by a Mr Tim McMahon.

Please do not fall for this false impersonation. Do not confuse SailBreeze with this company.

Unfortunately some customers have fallen for this scam. They have been lied to by Mr Tim McMahon of SailQuest.

We thank you for your support and attention.

We truly appreciate your business and look forward to helping you again soon.

On behalf of SailBreeze, we wanted to say thanks for choosing us.


We have now been informed that SailQuest Sailing School is no longer an IYT Patner Sailing School. IYT will not certify students taking courses at SailQuest. Please refer to image posted by IYT below.

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