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About SailBreeze


SailBreeze offers the sailing enthusiasts, whether experienced or inexperienced, the joys and challenges of a fabulous sailing adventure in the Gulf of Thailand.  We offer Yacht Charters by the Hour and by the Day, whichever suits your needs.  For the more adventurous, we offer the Mile Builder Cruise to shore up your sailing experience.  Additionally, we offer the Day Sailing Adventure for those who have not sailed for sometime and would like to take to take that trip down memory lane and do some sailing.

If you are interested in just a Pleasure Cruise to relax and joy a cruise with friends, we can also cater to your requirements.

For those who want to learn and take up sailing to obtain an International Sailing Certification, we recommend Island Spirit Sailing School.  They provide a First Class Sailing Experience for students.   

Established in 2004, Island Spirit Sailing School in Thailand is Asia’s first accredited International Yacht Training® facility and remains the most experienced Sailing School in Thailand. Island Spirit has run courses every month for the past 18 years and have former students sailing, cruising and chartering yachts all over the world. Their program is an essential starting point for anyone who is considering sailing, chartering or owning a yacht.

For who prefer to stay on land, our event management team has access to the best venues, deals, performers, hotels, villas, and VIP services in Pattaya and beyond in Thailand.

Together, we will make your event and private parties incredible.  Our professional event planners create the most fabulous private parties.  You will not be disappointed.

SailBreeze Naka Marine is our Yacht Maintenance Service Division, a business dedicated to providing marine and shoreside services for yachts and catamarans for their owners at Ocean Marina, Pattaya in Thailand. With our group of professionals, technicians and craftsmen coming from diverse marine, business and professional backgrounds, SailBreeze Naka Marine focuses on jobs done "right"!  Our goal is ensuring stress-free boat ownership and a commitment to making your yacht "ready" when you are ready to sail.

Additional we also offer a Concierge Service to meet our customers accommodation, transportation and other requirements, when the come to the Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

Since our founding, our business has had the opportunity to help many clients acquire the foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their quest to learn more about sailing. Our unique approach has made us known as one of the best Marine Service Providers in the Pattaya area.  Following their acquired sailing skills, many of our clients have also acquired yachts which we also maintain for them. Besides this we also maintain many other yachts for other Ship Owners in the Marina.​

The location of SailBreeze can be found on this link.

Please note that SailBreeze are not associated to SailQuest or IYT International Yacht Training

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