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Yacht & Catamaran Repair

Specificity of the main activity of a yacht charter company is to maximise the use of its own fleet. Therefore, the cases of failure of various yacht systems and components are quite frequent.

Reducing the time to restore the working capacity of ship equipment and guarantee the reliability of the repaired product directly affects the efficiency of the company as a whole.  We carry out all types of repair work for sailing, motor yachts and boats.

  • Hull works of any complexity

  • Power plants and drives

  • Fuel and gas systems

  • Masts, sails, rigging, rails

  • Steering

  • Deck coverings

  • Electricity and electronics

  • Yacht furniture

  • Plumbing

Compared with highly specialised service companies, SailBreeze Naka Marine has a wide range of the most in-demand spare parts in stock.  Due to the operation of its own fleet in SailBreeze Naka Marine, a number of technological solutions have been optimized; there is a necessary tool base.  There is the possibility of storing client equipment, sails and business things in your own SailBreeze Naka Marine warehouse.


All this makes it possible to guarantee for our customers a high-quality and qualified service, to ensure minimum deadlines for the execution of works at an optimal price.  We provide services for the selection and installation of additional equipment with subsequent execution of warranty service works and training services for the crew and the ship-owner for the proper operation of the yacht equipment.  So, your interests and interests of SailBreeze Naka Marine completely coincide.  Our principle is full openness.


The ship-owner should know what his money is spent on.  Therefore, we provide detailed information on the ongoing activities: check-lists, calculations of the cost of purchasing spare parts, financial reports and repair documentation.

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SailBreeze Yacht Repair 3
SailBreeze Yacht Repair 4
SailBreeze Yacht Repair 2
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