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Sailing Adventure Charters


Pleasure and Entertainment Cruises

- Private Yacht Charter

If you are interested in chartering a yacht for a pleasure cruise, to entertain and cater for a party or groups of people, we can provide the perfect yacht for you. 


The prices are dependent on the type of yacht you want to charter, the size of your party, the duration of the charter and any other requirements that you may need for your cruise.  

We have Full Day Charters (8 hours) and Half Day Charters (4 hours). 


We cater for:

  • Sunset Cruises

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Wedding Charters

  • Staff Parties

  • Team Building

  • Corporate Events

  • Luxury VIP Yacht Charters

Our yachts are for private charter and are crewed by qualified captains and crew.


Refreshments like soft drinks, water, ice, snacks and fruits are complimentary on board. 


Optional extras are food/buffet, alcohol, outdoor pool, slides and jetskis.  


Please note that not included, are the Ocean Marina Entrance Fee of 80 baht per person, Personal Accident and Injury Insurance of 50 baht per person and the Thai Navy Island Fees of 400 baht per vessel.

Activities on board can include sailing, island hopping, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, etc.

We will help plan your own voyage to create an unforgetable private sailing adventure for you and your group.  Our Yachts are based in Ocean Marina Pattaya Thailand.  

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us us for more information.

To ensure we you enjoy your party on board our yacht, we adhere and follow these tips to keep you safe.

These are some of the photos of our cruising yachts for charter below:

SailBreeze Yacht Charter 4
SailBreeze Yacht Charter 1
SailBreeze Yacht Charter 3
SailBreeze Yacht Charter 2
SailBreeze Pleasure Cruise 6
SailBreeze Pleasure Cruise 4
SailBreeze Pleasure Cruise 3
SailBreeze Pleasure Cruise 2
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