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SailBreeze Marine Services

Our business is dedicated to providing marine and shoreside services for yachts and catamarans for their owners at Ocean Marina, Pattaya and around the Chon Buri Province in Thailand.


With our group of professionals, technicians and craftsmen coming from diverse marine, business and professional backgrounds, SailBreeze Naka Marine focuses on jobs done "right"!

Our goal is ensuring stress-free boat ownership and a commitment to making your yacht "ready" when you are ready to sail.

Technological maintenance activities are planned in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers of ship systems, as well as on their own experience of operating sailing, motor yachts.

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Partnership with the leading manufacturers of ship equipment allows not only promptly to deliver original spare parts, but to receive closed technical information "at first hand".

We offer services for the conservation of yachts at Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand, and, as a more economical option, taking into account the mild climate and the absence of negative temperatures - is the preservation of the vessel on the water.  Contact the SailBreeze Naka Marine service consultant to develop an optimal seasonal plan for using your yacht.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to find a solution to meet your needs. 

We always try to be flexible towards your requirements.

Our Boatyard is located in Huai Yai about 3 km from Ocean Marina.

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