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SailBreeze Has No Association with “IYT”, “SailQuest” or “Tim McMahon”

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

SailBreeze wishes to make the public aware that we have no association with a company called “SailQuest” owned by a Mr Tim McMahon, or IYT.    They claim our website seems to be an IYT Training Provider, which we are not.  

They claim “SailBreeze” is infringing on their existing Partner School “SailQuest” and have placed a google pin location on top of “SailQuest” pin.  This is a baseless claim as Google decides the placing, not ourselves.  They claim this is confusing to potential customers as the name “SailBreeze” is very similar to that of our reputable and longtime Partner School “SailQuest”.  Another baseless excuse, as for example, customers have always been able to distinguish between “Coca Cola” and “Pepsi Cola”.   

Additionally, they claim our website is designed very similar to SailQuests’ website.  Another baseless excuse as there is no similarity at all.

When they investigated our company, they also had a look at our Facebook page which they find to be unprofessional, in poor taste and not representative of IYT’s company values.  The is most condescending, prejudgemental, pedantic, presumptuous and arrogant on their part.  We never claimed to be part of IYT. 

Please do not confuse “SailBreeze” with “SailQuest”.

Please note “SailBreeze” is not an IYT Partner School.

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