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Sailing in Koh Chang Thailand. The Adventure awaits in the land of smiles!

Thailand is the top sailing destination in South East Asia and is ideal for island hopping. Discover breath-taking coastlines, magnificent high peaks, sandy beaches and coral reefs.

And one of the facvourite locations is in Koh Chang.

The Koh Chang archipelago of islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters accompanied by some of the most breathtaking coastlines scenery Thailand has to offer, with draw dropping steep cliffs and peaks, beautiful rainforest covered mountains, amazing bays and palm tree lined beaches making this area one the best cruising grounds in Thailand.

Koh Chang Island is the biggest and most developed island in the archipelago and is slowly but surely adapting to tourism. As the island’s are a part of the Protected National Park there are many laws in place which help protect and retain the charm of islands and preserve the people’s traditional way of life.

Buildings, hotels and resorts are all restricted to three storeys high which has been put in place to help keep Koh Chang’s naturally beautiful landscape. On Koh Chang Island there are many companies which offer excellent services, so whether your planning a bareboat charter, a skippered charter or just require information and advice, Koh Chang is the perfect base for your sailing trip.

The Koh Chang Yachting Season starts in early November coinciding with the beginning of the northeast monsoon and finishes around April time where the southeast monsoon begins. The northeast winds are strongest during the start of the season from November through to January with winds from 10 to 15 knots. The climate during this time is also cooler and preferable with temperatures up to 27°C and cool evenings of around 20 °C.

For more information on yacht charter and sailing around the Koh Chang archipelago, please feel free to contact us.

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