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Looking for the right Sailing School?

Updated: May 31, 2022

Looking for the right school to get into sailing or want to advance your experience and or education?

Sailbreeze is your independent first stop service to provide local information on what is on offer, what to avoid and potential pitfalls you may encounter over your excitement to hit the waters of Thailand for pleasure joy and/or education.

We will be happy to share our local knowledge and expierence with the schools available here at Pattaya.

As such courses -depending on your goals- can be time consuming and require a certain budget, we are here to help you to protect your valuable time and money, as we try to help your expierence will be a smooth breeze.

We have no affiliation to any of the schools we provide information for, nor do we receive any monetary compensation but are here for you as a general service beeing enthusiastic sailors ourselves.

We screen local schools for:

-Sate and variation of their boats

-Reliability and general feedback from previous customers

-Modern equipment

-Facility’s and inventory

-Professionalism of their instructors

-Track record

-Insurance and general safety

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