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Book Early for the Songkran Holidays

Songkran in Thai means to ‘move’ or ‘change place’. At some point in Thailand’s history, Songkran integrated with the Water Festival, which historically occurred on the day when the sun changes position in the zodiac. The Thai people believe that water is spiritually purifying: it cleanses you of any bad luck or grievances from the past year, and blesses you with fortune and happiness for the year ahead. The festival originated with locals collecting water that had been poured over Buddha statues for cleansing. This was then used to bless village elders and family members by trickling it over their shoulders. Since these somewhat genteel beginnings, Songkran has developed into a kingdom-wide water fight, occurring in April, which luckily happens to be Thailand’s hottest month. As with many historical and cultural festivals, the emphasis has shifted from the spiritual and religious to enjoyment and joviality..

And as with all festivities, flights, hotels and activities start to get booked up. Therefore, this is just a reminder to our loyal customers to please book early to avoid any disappointment. We do look forward to seeing you soon during the Songkran Holidays.

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