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A Guide to Sailing in Amazing Thailand

Thailand’s yacht-charter scene sets sail from the county’s largest island: Phuket. Pinch yourself – because the topaz waters in the surrounding Phang Nga Bay stay warm all year round. The best news? Thailand has over 1,400 other islands scattered across miles and miles of ocean – and only a handful are inhabited. The rest are the domain of macaque monkeys and Andaman parakeets. Make one of them your home from home as you sail around Thailand and its many islands.

What to See and Do in Thailand

Coral Island – a short sail south of Phuket – does what it says on the tin. Anchor offshore beyond the reef for snorkels with nudibranchs and lionfish. Seeking solitude? Coral Island hosts just one rather fancy resort – after day-trippers return to Phuket, the island’s three beaches are all yours.

For the ultimate Treasure Island experience, anchor off the Similan Islands. The 11-island archipelago sits around 100km (62mi) northeast of Phuket and is protected within a national park. The islands are accessible from November until April, although sailing experience or a skipper is required to reach them. Scuba divers, bird watchers and beach bums will fall in love with the Similan Islands’ Caribbean allure. The action revolves around turtle snorkelling, cliff jumping and annoying the heck out of work friends on Instagram.

The Best Mooring Locations in Thailand

Royal Phuket Marina is by far the hottest yachting hub in Thailand. The harbour hosts restaurants, co-working spaces and regular regattas – plus scores of yachts from single-day explorers to 35m (114ft)-long superyachts. It’s little wonder the marina holds the prestigious 5 Gold Anchor Award from the Yacht Harbour Association. Need a mooring? Call VHF channel 79 or book one of the 100 berths online. As Phuket is the yacht-charter capital of Thailand, you’ll find dozens of tiny marinas, restaurant tie-up docks and yacht-friendly islets nearby – such as Ao Po Grand Marina, which leads directly onto the northern islands of Phang Nga Bay and the safe anchorage of Ao Chalong on Phuket’s southern tip.

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