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Sailing Adventure Charters

The ReEnergise Cruise

SailBreeze offers the ReEnergise Cruise for those who have not sailed for sometime and would like to take to take that trip down memory lane and do some sailing to rekindle that sailing spirit.  This is based on your requirements on what you would like to do.  

We depart from our base at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.  As we cruise along, we help you take command of the vessel to bring back those fond memories of sailing. Our professional Captain and his Team is simply there to help and support you on your Adventure Cruise.

Besides sailing in Amazing and Beautiful Thailand, this cruise is a great way to refresh your sailing skills and also a great chance for you to get back out on the water for a few days to enjoy some sea time sailing.  It is very similar to the Mile Builder Adventure Cruise.


The cost varies of this cruise depends on what you would like to do.  Please let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us us for more information.

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