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SAILQUEST SCAM ALERT : SailBreeze Has No Association with “Tim McMahon” or “SailQuest”.

Updated: Apr 17

This is an important update. Last year, we reported that Tim McMahon of SailQuest was trying to impersonate SailBreeze on Google. We accordingly refuted this claim.


Please refer to our previous blog post.:

Customers of Tim McMahon have complained to us recently about SailQuest, and brought this post on TripAdvisor to our attention:

Please take care when dealing with Tim McMahon of SailQuest.


Please also note that SailBreeze is NOT in any way associated with Tim McMahon or SailQuest.


SailQuest has now been evicted from Ocean Marina Jomtien.

New location unknown.

No longer on Google Maps.

SailQuest Office Ocean Marina Closed Down
SailQuest Offices Closed

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