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IMPORTANT : SailBreeze Has No Association with “SailQuest”, “Tim McMahon” or “IYT”

Updated: Mar 31

Some visitors have asked what the whinging from Tim McMahon and IYT is all about.

In brief, SailBreeze used to help Tim McMahon market his company SailQuest. We did it for free and passed him students for his school. However when the world got Covid, Tim became paranoid, obsessive, controlling and demanding. We told him we were not his employees. So we ended the relationship. We passed on students to other schools in Thailand. We did not get paid for that either. Tim got jealous and envious. He did not like it. He complained to his friend Mark Fry, the owner of IYT.. It was fine for Tim when we passed him students, but not anymore. Hence the articles.

Today SailQuest has no boats, no instructors and is not operating as an IYT school. Tim had a falling out with his instructors too, and they left for the same reasons.

SailQuest is no longer listed on the IYT website as an IYT school.

Tim still however still advertises SailQuest as an IYT school on his website.

Please visit for more information.

Their claims are just utter nonsense.

We took legal advice and was told to report this matter to the police.. Defamation is a serious criminal offence in Thailand. Tim can get a 2 years jail sentence and a fine for his articles on the internet.

For the moment, we have ignored Tim and IYT, and just got on with our own business.

We have no time for their nonsense.

The irony is that Tim's and IYT's articles have send more traffic to the SailBreeze website, and pushed it up the Google rankings.

PT Barnum once said, “There's no such thing as bad publicity,” which is almost as good as Oscar Wilde's version, who put it like this: “There's only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

Both men could turn a phrase, and both men had a point.

Today SailBreeze has visitors from 128 countries with more than 65,000 clicks. Plus SailBreeze has more Google reviews, FaceBook 'Likes' and 'Followers', than SailQuest.


Please see above images which are self explanatory

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James Young
James Young
01 jun 2023

Thank you for this information. We tried to contact SailQuest, but there is no response to emails or messages. Thank you for your kind assistance. Most appreciated.

Me gusta
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