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Pattaya Wanlai Day 2024 is a Huge Success

The Wan Lai Festival, also known as the Big Day of Songkran, kicked off on April 19th, transforming the city’s world-famous beachfront into a lively spectacle of water splashing.

The atmosphere along Pattaya Beach Road, from Pattaya Klang Intersection to Walking Street in South Pattaya, was electric as thousands of Thai and international tourists immersed themselves in the last day of Songkran festivities.

The 2-kilometer stretch was transformed into a water playground, with the city authorities setting up water spraying trucks and private businesses organising various entertainment activities and traditional games. The city also set up a major music stage headlined by famous Thai rock act Retrospect.

Local vendors lined the street, offering an array of Songkran essentials, including water guns, bottled water, ice, and an overflowing selection of scrumptious street food.

Pattaya City closed traffic at Beach Road from 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM to allow people and tourists to enjoy splashing water to the fullest.

Pattaya police officers were stationed around the event venue to enforce strict regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of all tourists. The officers advise people not to use high-pressure water guns or powder during the event. The city had also previously announced that alcohol would not be allowed on the beach area during the event but this rule did not seem to be strongly enforced.

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