The Beginner Course

Introduction to Sailing

The Introduction to Sailing Course introduces people to the pleasures of sailing in a short two day program. 


This course is aimed at:

  • Individuals interested and wanting to know more about sailing.  

  • Those who are retired and are now looking for a new hobby but not yet ready to commit.

  • The tourist looking for an adventure.


This two day experience can be counted towards the first two days of the Intermediate Crew Course allowing the individual who wants to take the next step in learning to sail  This course can also give additional time saving for those working with limited recreation time.


Individuals must be physically fit and above 12 years old.

Duration & Price

2 Days     -     12,500 Baht

Daily Course Program

Day 1  -  Introduction to Sailing with Island Spirit

  • Welcome to Island Spirit Sailing

  • Participants proceed to Boat Pointing out the different types of vessel on the way to the Dock.

  • Orientation to the boat to cover

  • Safety & safety equipment

  • Parts of the boat

  • Sails, rope work & rigging Mooring lines

  • Use of onboard facilities

  • Pre-departure checks.

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon orientation sail demonstrating points of sail, tacking, gybing, docking on return to OMYC

Day 2  -  Yacht/System Orientation

Onboard – In the slip Rope Work and Safety Gear


  • Rope types and qualities – 3 strand / braided line etc

  • Knots – Bowline / Round turn 2 half hitch / Stop knot / Clove hitch

  • Docking lines – Use of cleats / throwing technique / How to coil and stow

  • Lunch

  • Depart OMYC

  • Boat Systems – discuss whilst sailing

  • Production boats / charter boats vs traditional design

  • Electrical System – Batteries / protecting and monitoring your batts / Electrical panel / switches / windless breaker / DC 12v and AC 220v shore

  • power etc

  • Water System – Fill caps / Tanks / Manifold / In-line strainers / pumps / water usage

  • Refrigeration

  • Galley and Gas

  • Heads and shower pumps / drains

  • Through hull fittings – locate all, discuss wood bungs

  • Engine – Basic checks: Bilge / Oil / Water / Belt

  • Practical sailing drills, Tacking, Gybing, sail handling, docking (by instructor)